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Frugal Friday- Packed Snacks

So I decided to start a new feature called Frugal Friday. But alas I was gone ALL day yesterday so that just didn’t happen, so here is the first Frugal Friday post, just a bit late…

We already know that packing lunch is far cheaper and healthier than eating out, but that during the week it is a major drag to fit that in. Anyway, after a fun dip and nibbles platter at Lindsay’s I came home and experimented in packing up “pre-packaged foods.” So I focused on three types: fruit, meat and cheese and veggie and hummus. Here they are. I packed up a bunch of containers for the week, and then just grabbed them as necessary to complete a lunch. It worked great and I will be doing them again. (Though David and I both decided we really don’t need to include Swiss in the cheeses!)

I am hoping to spend some time perfecting my hummus recipe in the next week, so keep your eyes out for that.







Bon App├ętit!

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