Sweet Chilli Chicken

So I dug into another cookbook for inspiration on this recipe. This is a mains dish modified from a wings appetizer. This drumstick recipe was modified from a wing dish due to a wings shortage at Winco yesterday…shocking! That’s okay, personally I prefer drumsticks, more substance.

Anywho, the key to this dish is a long marinade, I made the marinade this morning, and then occasionally flipped the ziplock over to ensure good coverage (a perk of working from home, you could also start it marinading the night before, and then flip it over before work.) The meat turned out super moist and separated from the bone, a result of the long marinade time. Since it is a marinade and not super vital, I recommend just mixing in proportions you think you would like and then tasting the marinade (obviously before you put the raw chicken in.)

What I used:

  • chicken drumsticks (8)
  • soy sauce (1/4c)
  • sweet chilli sauce (1/4c)
  • honey (2T)
  • salt and pepper (More P than S)
  • rice vinegar (1T)
  • garlic (1tsp)
  • oil (1T)
  • fresh grated ginger (1 T)


Sweet Chilli Chicken, D ate all three!

What I did:

  1. Mix together everything but the chicken, emulsify it together (AKA whisk it until nothing is separating out.)
  2. Add chicken and marinade to ziplock, refrigerate overnight/all day.
  3. Heat oven to 400F
  4. Bake chicken, turning and adding leftover marinate a couple times in the first 30 minutes. *
  5. Bake until done (approximately 40 minutes.)

*Remember the marinade contained raw chicken, so don’t use it toward the end of baking.

Turned out great, and super easy overall. Marinade was quick to make, the actually baking was super low maintenance.

Bon Appetit.


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