Roasted Garlic

So if you haven’t experienced roasted garlic before, I am sooo sorry you’ve been seriously missing out! Roasting garlic is a) super easy and b) insanely delicious. So the basics…. Garlic heads are roasted in olive oil until they are squishy deliciousness. There are “garlic roasters” which are terra cotta dishes that are similar (read: identical) to the terra cotta dishes that you might keep warmed corn tortillas in. These speciality dishes are not necessary but are super nice to have. They should under NO circumstances be purchased at retail prices as visiting around three thrift shops should net you a nice cheap one!

Here’s what you’re looking for:

(Actually now that I am looking at it mine is probably a tortilla one, garlic ones sometimes have garlic heads on the handle and might be smaller, but seriously they are completely interchangeable!)

So anyway you take the garlic head and cut off the top exposing most of the tops of the cloves (this allows them to expand once they are done/gets all the juicy goodness everywhere). Then you set the heads in the pan (I imagine any covered roasting dish will work fine) and pour olive oil over them. Be liberal coating each head, then place it in the oven at around 400 for about an hour. About half an hour in the scent will start driving you crazy.

They are flexible with temperature so if you are roasting/cooking other things just let it cook at that temp but check it’s progress. This is what it looks like when done.


You can serve them whole and each person can just dig out their own, be sure to have extra paper napkins as even with knives this is messy!! If you have roasted garlic lovers and are serving French bread plan on 1 per person. But it also stores and freezes well, so I usually do about 4. I noticed recently that WinCo sells roasted garlic in the fresh herb section, not remembering the price, but am sure it was ridiculous. Garlic heads are usually .38 if bought individually so one is less than .50 of deliciousness!

Some possible uses:
– served as is with French bread.
– served with goat cheese spread on bread or other canapé.
– add to mashed potatoes
– in hummus
– added to baguette/boule dough (chop and add it with the dry ingredients- honestly since my twin converted me to this I doubt I will ever make plain French breads. Kalah adds it to her boule loaves and makes grilled sandwiches– AMAZING!)
– mixed with cream cheese as a spread on a sandwich
– anything else you could think of…

If you’ve never tried making this before and give it a shot I would love to hear how it goes!!

Guten Appetit!!


One thought on “Roasted Garlic

  1. Debbie says:

    Thanks Erin!!! I used to have a garlic roaster but I think it’s in one of the second hand stores you mentioned. I bet I could use a pyrex dish. I’ve eaten roasted garlic before and I greatly enjoy garlic in almost any form!!! Not sure I’d go for garlic ice cream though. =)

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