Chicken Stock


liquid made by cooking bones, meat, fish, or vegetables slowly in water, used as a basis for the preparation of soup, gravy, or sauces.

One of the staples most people already have a good recipe is chicken stock. This is definitely another great one to make and stick in the freezer, especially if you are trying to watch your sodium, homemade is always a great way to go over canned. Anyway below is a pic of my stock pot earlier this week. I picked up a deli chicken on close-out ($2.49!), and made sandwiches out of some of the meat, and then threw the whole rest of the chicken sans skin in the pot. Letting it simmer for 4-5 hours is definitely one of the keys to the really rich stock. I froze two quarts of it, and then used the third quart to make two quarts of gravy that I also froze. Not bad for a handful of dollars.


What I used:

  • Deli roasted chicken
  • Celery sticks
  • Carrot sticks
  • Several smashed garlic cloves
  • Couple of shallots rough chopped
  • Bay leaves
  • Fresh sage
  • Fresh thyme
  • Heaps of Water
  • Time

2 thoughts on “Chicken Stock

  1. Tabitha says:

    Here’s why my stock is never actual stock and is instead just chicken water – because I am take way too much chicken off of the bird. Because it is tasty. And I want to eat it.

    • Vagabondista says:

      LOL, but even with minimal chicken meat, if you allow it to reduce long enough (just make sure there isn’t any salt in it) it will turn into chicken stock. You may only get a few cups though… 😉

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