Beef Stroganoff

This is definitely one of my go-to dishes for cooler weather, also for when I have some “not the best cut of beef” beef. I tend to buy whatever is on sale, so I end up with a lot of that sort of thing. This is a great dish for that as you simmer it so long that even the toughest cut falls apart in your mouth.



What I used:

  • A chunk of top round beef
  • Some powdered beef bouillion
  • Rice flour (though regular works to)
  • Water
  • Sour cream
  • Butter
  • Salt, Pepper and Granulated garlic
  • Potatoes


What I did:

  1. Sliced the beef up into thin strips
  2. Tossed into a large pan over heat (no oil or butter)
  3. Let the juices emerge and simmered with lid on in juices
  4. Added water throughout as the juices dried up
  5. Simmered for 40 minutes or so
  6. Added some beef bouillion, salt and pepper for flavor
  7. Added couple Tbsp of Rice Flour and stirred to coat
  8. Added water to create a gravy
  9. Added several scoops of sour cream to thin out and add creaminess to the gravy.
  10. Served over mashed potatoes (with salt, garlic powder, a smidge of butter and sour cream for flavor/consistency)

I grew up eating Beef Stroganoff over egg noodles, and always loved it, but once I experienced it over mashed potatoes I will never go back. Not only is it decadent (and cheap and easy since I always have them) it is also just a bit more Russian!



2 thoughts on “Beef Stroganoff

  1. Kari says:

    I made this a couple months ago after we got together. It was very good and the whole family liked it!

  2. Tab says:

    I need to try the over-potatoes scenario. That sounds delicious. ($1)

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