A stew made with meat and beans.

The other night I wanted to make a bit of old-school comfort food. Combining that with the chicken drumsticks I had thawed out, and some sausage that our friends had left in the fridge I decided to make a cassoulet. While I am no French trained chef, I feel free to call this a cassoulet as it is in fact a stew of meat and beans. 🙂


What I used:

  • four chicken drumsticks
  • half a sausage
  • a shallot, sub diced onions if you prefer
  • two carrots in pieces
  • two celery stalks in pieces
  • fresh thyme
  • a little white wine
  • some chicken broth
  • two cans of cannellini beans

What I did:

  1. browned the chicken pieces in a little olive oil in a dutch oven
  2. removed the chicken to a side dish
  3. lightly brown sliced shallot
  4. add and slightly cook celery and carrot
  5. add salt, pepper and a bit of thyme
  6. add slices of sausage
  7. add some wine and let it cook off the alcohol
  8. add cans of cannellini beans
  9. add a cup of broth
  10. put the chicken back in
  11. simmer on the stove until the chicken is fully cooked (can cook it until the meat falls off the bone if you like)
  12. add a wee bit of cornstarch mixed with cold water if you want to thicken the sauce up

Fantastic served with wine and crusty bread. I never do it, but in theory, might be nice with a salad.

* To make this even easier/faster, you could use other chicken, either cooked up already, or boneless diced chicken breasts. Though the longer stewing time does allow the flavors to mingle better.

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6 thoughts on “Cassoulet

  1. Shara Paisley says:

    Nummy, Erin…who knew from the girl who hated the word, “casserole”.:-)

  2. Marie F says:

    Thanks for sharing! My African friend actually makes something very similar – chicken drumsticks with beans – but this version with vegetables might be even tastier. Any idea what to use instead of Dutch oven, which is not so common in CZ?

    • Vagabondista says:

      Of course, you could literally use any pan with a lid, but if you have anything that can go on the stove that is heavy, or stone I would try it in that. Thanks for checking it, be sure to let me know if you have any requests.

  3. Tab says:

    1) I like the definitions on some of these
    2) I dont prefer onion to shallot. But I love onions.
    3) Was this the bean you mentioned you get dried at Life Source?

    • Vagabondista says:

      1) Duly noted, will try to include them some more.
      2) Who would. Uncouth people. And who doesn’t?
      3) Yep. But you can get canned at WinCo, they are also called White Kidney beans.

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